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3 Key Roofing Services

Updated: May 16

In the impressive neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas, J. Boyd has been known as a top home improvement contractor and roofing services provider for years.

Through thick and thin, we have helped homeowners and other property owners to keep their buildings in presentable and livable condition with the kinds of maintenance and repair that roofing systems need over time. That's a significant value to the people who rely on us for these services, year in and year out.

Let's talk about some of these services and how they work.

Roof Painting

Part of roof painting is aesthetic. The customer chooses a color or tone that matches the overall curb appeal of the building. But painting can also be good for a metal roof in a structural sense by helping to seal it against corrosion.

Ask us about roof painting services and what we can bring to your property!

Roof Coating

We also provide a reflective coating that does several things for a roof structure. It's good for property owners to know this stuff.

First, the coating reduces heat transfer into the building. That means that roof coating can be part of property weatherization and best practices for green energy models.

The reflective coating can also decrease thermal shock, which can otherwise lead to roof deterioration over time. As the roofing materials expand and contract, that can cause wear. To an extent, the reflective coating can act as a shield in this regard. There's more to this science, and we can review the details as we discuss coating.

There's also the capacity of reflective coating to handle some sorts of leakage situations.

Re-Pitching and Re-Sloping

Sometimes there are roof wear issues that have to do with the grade or slope of the roof.

Here, we can bring an engineering analysis to the situation and help restore a clean path for water coming down from above the building in precipitation. The slope is rise over run: but sometimes, with roofing structures, it's more complex than that, and the pros can find opportunities for affordable fixes.

Those are some things we do regularly for local area homeowners and business owners in the Washington, D.C. community.

We also help with things like brick wall painting and power washing. We handle gutter work, essential in maintaining a building and eliminating certain kinds of water challenges.

Turn to J Boyd Home Improvement for capable, professional work you will be proud of as you manage your real estate assets. We also take pride in serving our customers with the power of a well-run contracting business. When we get up on your roof, we stand behind our work, which is important in this industry.

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