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Why Waiting To Replace Your Damaged Roof Is a Horrible Idea

Updated: Jan 10

A lot of work goes into keeping a residential roof damage-free. The average homeowner is not afraid to shell out big money to have their roof maintained by professionals a few times a year. While routine roofing maintenance is a great way to extend the life of your roof, it will not make it last forever. Eventually, you will be presented with proof that your existing roof needs to be retired. Most of the $20 billion worth of revenue generated by the roofing industry comes from new roof installation projects. When presented with signs that your roof needs to be replaced, you have to take swift action. Here are some problems that can arise if you wait to replace your damaged residential roof. The Risk of Water DamageWhen a residential roof needs to be replaced, a homeowner will be presented with a number of warning signs. Perhaps the most common problem you will notice when it is time to invest in a new roof is multiple leaks. In most cases, roof leaks will start small and get progressively worse. Trying to patch these leaks will only fix this problem temporarily. The only surefire way to eliminate these leaks is by getting a totally new roof. The longer you wait to have a new roof installed, the more water damage you will have to contend with. Not only can water damage rot the wood under your roof, it can also cause mold formation. Some mold can be toxic, which is all the more reason to take immediate action when these leaks are discovered. Storm Damage Can Get Much Worse During the summer months, most areas get severe thunderstorms. These storms are capable of producing high winds, torrential rainfall and hail. When a particularly bad storm moves into your area, damage to your roof can occur. If the roof you currently have in place is covered in old and brittle shingles, the amount of storm damage you receive will increase. If strong winds hit these brittle shingles, it will tear them right off of your roof. Missing shingles are one of the main causes of roof leaks. Instead of trying to deal with significant storm damage this summer, you need to get your damaged roof replaced immediately. Issues Involving Energy Waste Fending off the hot temperatures of summer will require the use of a residential HVAC unit. It will be extremely hard for your HVAC unit to run efficiently if all of the air it cools escapes through your drafty old roof. Not only will this overwork your HVAC unit, it will also increase the cost of your monthly energy bill. The money you spend on these higher energy bills could be better invested in a new roof. With the help of an experienced roofing contractor, you can get your new roof installed in no time. Are you tired of dealing with the problems caused by your old roof? If so, it is time to let the team at Boyd Construction Co. install a new roof on your home.

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