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Keeping Your Coated Roof Like New

Updated: Jan 10

With some attention, your new coated roofing should provide many years of protection for your home or commercial building. A coating roofing system is highly durable and can withstand the test of time through extreme outdoor elements. However, just like any other part of your home or business, keeping the roof clean and free from debris will provide you with maximum performance and a longer lifespan. Let's look at what you can do to ensure your coated roof stays in like-new condition for years to come.

Provide Proper Drainage For Your Roof

Standing water can wreak havoc on any roofing system. Ponding water significantly increases the potential for moisture to seep into the roof's structure if there is a puncture in the coating. Ensure that your building has a sound drainage system to direct water off the roof and away from the foundation of the building. Keep gutters and drains clean and free from accumulated dirt, limbs, leaves, and other debris that can quickly create clogs.

Limit Walking On A Coated Roof

Coated roofs are incredibly sturdy, but unprotected areas of the roof are more susceptible to damage if it experiences frequent foot traffic. Limit foot traffic on your roof and access to rooftop equipment to protect the coating membrane from damage.

Protect Coated Membrane From Exposure To Chemicals And Liquids

Avoid degrading the membrane of your coated roof by protecting it from exposure to liquids that contain chemicals and petroleum products. Solvents, grease used to lubricate rooftop units, oils, kitchen wastes, and animal fats can also damage your roof. Prolonged exposure to these hazardous materials may cause swelling and degradation of the coating if not cleaned immediately. Use catch pans and other drainage systems to dispose of liquids and chemicals properly and direct them off the roof.

Avoid Puncturing Your Coated Roof

While coated roofing systems are highly durable, they are not impenetrable. Avoid puncturing the roofing system by cleaning up loose items like screes, nails, bolts, and other building materials immediately. Ensure that anyone who services rooftop equipment, like HVAC units and antennas, protects the roof membrane from abrasion and impact caused by tool parts.

Snow Removal Precautions

Take extra precautions when removing snow from your coated roof. You can avoid damaging the roofing system by removing the snow quickly and efficiently, using plastic shovels, and paying careful attention to wall flashing. Never use a snow blower or shovel with sharp edges when removing snow or any other substance from your roof.

Consult Your Roof Construction Professional

If you have any questions or concerns about adequately maintaining your coated roofing system, consult your roof construction professional.

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