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Tips For Brick Wall Maintenance

Updated: Apr 14

Brick buildings are often valuable parts of a local landscape. Many of these are legacy buildings that have been around for many decades. Others are newer, but may have problems related to the structural building and how they were initially installed. In any case, keeping a brick building (or any building) in good shape means knowing about best practices and what’s necessary in the home improvement business to protect a property owner’s investment.

In any case, brick takes work. It takes maintenance. Over time, the connective mortar can experience decay, and other kinds of issues can require some evaluation and repair. That means a deliberate effort in figuring out what’s happening, and how to correct it.

Here are some tips for working with brick walls. Many of these will factor into our conversations as we consult and provide estimates for property owners who are dealing with brick around Washington DC and surrounding areas.

Visual Inspection Process

A good review of a brick wall’s condition starts with a visual inspection. Inspectors may look at:

  • Age of the mortar

  • Cracks or crevices

  • Intrusive vegetation

  • Crumbling

Sometimes the warning signs involve residues on the ground, or key cracks or gaps in the brick facing.

With the visual inspection under their belt, repair people can go into the implementations that will help get the brick wall back in good condition.

Leaks and Water Damage

It's always a good idea to look for underlying damage related to water that may get trapped in building materials, or released in various areas of the home or business property.

Cleaning Brick

Get rid of all entrenched grime on the bricks and mortar and look for vegetation that needs to be pruned or cut away from the brick surface. That’s another part of prep that should not be ignored. We always put this on the checklist for a brick building.


With a pointing technique, you're going to go around filling in any missing areas of the mortar with new complementary bonding substances.

This is a significant job that may take a while and require extensive ladders and other tools.

That's a little bit about how professionals address maintenance for a brick wall. We routinely handle these types of jobs for property owners.

That's not all that we do, either. As a well-known presence in the Washington, DC area for decades, we handle things like power washing and gutters. We repair roof areas with painting, reconditioning, coating and more. We install siding and help with all sorts of other home improvement jobs that are vital for keeping a property in safe and livable condition. Check out some of the reviews from satisfied customers and learn about what you can do to protect your real estate in the Washington, DC area.

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